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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Clutter Now

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Want a zero cost way to enjoy your home more right now? Clear the clutter. Get inspired to declutter by reading these four reasons get rid of clutter now.

4 Reasons to Get Rid of Clutter

What’s the one thing you can do right now to start enjoying your home again and feeling happier while you’re at home?

First, let's look at what it's not:

It’s not spending money on creating your dream kitchen or replacing your old furniture with trendy pieces. It’s not having someone install an expensive closet organization system.

In fact, it doesn’t cost any money at all. It’s completely free, and you can do it yourself.

So, what is this change that will help you enjoy your home more? Decluttering. Clear the clutter and you'll enjoy your home more and be happier while you're there.

How Less Clutter Makes You Feel Better

Whether you want your home to be a soothing refuge after a busy day or a fun and functional space to enjoy with family and friends - or both - remove the clutter. The less visual clutter your brain processes as you scan the room, the better the room looks.

The more visually appealing the space, the better you will feel about that space and the time you spend in it.

4 Reasons to Declutter and What You Get in Return

There’s more to being happy in a decluttered space than the visual appeal. Here are four reasons to declutter and what you get in return:

1. You have more control over your time.

After a crazy busy week, it’s Saturday morning and you’re ready to do something fun. Then you look around. The house is a mess. It’ll take hours to get clean and presentable. Forget about having fun. There’s too much to do around the house.

The more clutter you accumulate, the less time you spend doing other things.

Whether you spend your time buying it, washing it, wiping it down, dusting it off, moving it from here to there, putting it back, lifting it, straightening it, throwing it away, or thinking about it, dealing with clutter takes time away from other, more meaningful activities.

Clear out the clutter to free up more time.

2. You feel good about your home.

It’s your turn to host girl’s night, and you dread it. You love your friends, but you’re embarrassed about your house. To get the house into a presentable state means long cleaning sessions for the next several nights after work.

Instead of looking forward to a fun evening, you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and depressed.

At some point, clutter becomes an emotional burden, not just a physical problem. Clutter tends to spread. As it spreads, it becomes more time-consuming to deal with.

Avoiding dealing with clutter isn't a long-term solution. If you don’t deal with clutter, it won’t get any better and will probably get worse.

On top of that, you'll carry the emotional burden of clutter for as long as the problem exists. That’s no way to live.

Clear the clutter and you’ll start to feel good about your home again.

3. You gain a feeling of accomplishment.

Think about that last thing you put off doing because you just didn't want to do it. Procrastinating probably didn’t make you feel much better. that's because procrastination delays the problem but doesn't solve it.

Once you completed the task, you felt better because you no longer had to dread dealing with the problem and you felt a sense of accomplishment.

Feelings of accomplishment are great mood boosters:

It feels good to mark things off of a to-do list, complete an unfinished project, or achieve a goal. Decluttering provides that same feeling of accomplishment.

Clear the clutter, then stand back and look at the difference your efforts made. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. You earned it!

4. You reduce relationship stress caused by clutter.

Here’s a typical example of how clutter creates relationship stress:

In the beginning, you and your significant other simply ignored the clutter.

But as the clutter grew, so did the arguments. The early disagreements were about how the house looked. Later on, you argued about not being able to do this or that because of the clutter.

Over time, the arguments about clutter created a wall of anger in your relationship.

To remove that wall, remove the clutter. This solution requires compromise.

Whatever compromise you come up with to deal with the clutter is ok. The only requirement is that both of you must buy into the solution. If that doesn't happen, you'll probably be back in the same place a few months from now.

Clear the clutter and you remove the stress it creates in the relationship. It's as simple as that.


Clutter isn’t just a physical problem. It also has an emotional component. It affects how we feel about our home and ourselves. It can even affect our relationship with others.

You can solve the clutter problem, and it won’t cost you a penny. Clear the clutter. You’ll feel better and create a space that you can enjoy once again.

How does clutter affect you? Feel free to email me at anita (@) simplelife365.com and let me know.


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