• Anita Chastain, MBA

30 Day Happiness Challenge

This 30 day happiness challenge will bring joy into every day. This challenge is filled with little activities that make every day a little brighter.

Download the Free 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Download a printable pdf file for the 30 day challenge below or preview the file here before you download:

30 Day Happiness Challenge Printable
Download PDF • 460KB

The printable file has two pages. The first page has an ink-friendly white background. The second page has a color background. Please note that you might notice a color difference between your screen and monitor. This is due to variations in how your monitor displays color.

Challenge yourself to complete one activity each day for the next 30 days. Cross out each day as you complete the challenge.

Try the 5 Happiness Challenge Bonus Activities too!

And did I mention there are five fun bonus activities? There are! I hope you will challenge yourself to complete those five activities as well.

I hope you enjoy the challenge!

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